Organizational units

Organizational Units

  • R & D:

    This unit uses the latest technological achievements and the latest computer software in the filter industry plays an important role in enhancing the quality of products and create new products according to market needs plays.

  • Design and construction of tools and equipment:

    Design and production of molds in cooperation with a group of engineers in the field of templates, reverse engineering and to support research and development unit to develop devices and equipment needed to produce different mode boost to all new products according to customer requirements and market Shshnasayy and in less time and with the best

  • Quality Unit (guarantees and Control):

    In order to compete in the current market, the quality as fundamental and organizational motto production along with domestic and international standards, we have advanced laboratory and qualified professionals and also to test, certification and encouragement, such as the national standard, ISOTS 16949, IMS and receive our plan.

  • Production planning units and warehouses

Production Units

  • Pressing and manufacturing units:

    This unit uses the most modern hydraulic presses and blow molds and progressive, in order to manufacture quality parts and reduce operator error and increase efficiency in the production of components, including thick door, and empty shells and series filter is active agents .

  • Elements of the unit (the filter of the filter assembly):

    The unit is in China to help new devices and Spiral automatic and continuous ovens, the possibility of building elements is required.

    It should be noted in the production of filter elements secure the best gender Fybrmtnasb with filter function (filter agent) and series and null (holder of smoothness) hardware is used

  • Oil filter assembly unit

    This unit is equipped with automatic Waltz is the best device for continuous monitoring and quality control inspectors the production process with minimal error.

  • Painting unit:

    Waltz is on the edge of the rust and corrosion Fyltrbh When used in this area prevents. Afterwards, the color, the print process of automatic marking device is pressed onto the filter. Painting and printing automation to increase efficiency and quality, and reduce time-branded products and parts, and finally delivery to the customer (OTD) is.

  • Construction of the air filter unit:

    The air filter unit of the smaller ones like the production of heavy and semi-heavy style of weather which are able to produce all kinds of air filters.